About Geo-Marine Technology

Geo-Marine Technology, Inc. was founded by Mr. John L. Rietman in San Diego, California in 1997.  In 2006, the company relocated to Missoula, Montana, where it subsequently assembled a team of several up-and-coming geoscientists to accommodate its expanding client base and service provisions.  The college town of Missoula was constructed within the beautiful and geologically unique mountains of western Montana.  Its scenic location allows us to perform high-quality work without the distractions of many urban centers and imparts an array of recreational opportunities to enjoy with family and friends. 

Now lead by Mr. Rietman and Mr. Beau Pallister, the consultancy of Geo-Marine Technology, Inc. has grown into a team of professionals with more than 40 years of experience in analyzing and interpreting geological and geophysical data.  Each of our highly knowledgeable geoscientists is proficient at completing hydrographic survey projects and Desktop Studies from the ground up.  Geo-Marine Technology is more than another geophysical interpretation company; we are data analysts dedicated to providing our clients with solid scientific support.

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Geo-Marine Technology

Mission Statement

We are high-quality data analysts who combine scientific expertise with state-of-the-art software to efficiently provide solid technical products and services to the offshore energy and telecommunications industries with cooperation, innovation and integrity.

The President

John Rietman

John Rietman
After 20 years at the helm of GMT and a substantial portion of the holocene in the marine geoscience industry, "Reety" is still going stong. His work ethic, intelligence and willingness to help both our clients and employees attain their goals have been instrumental in shaping the company into what it is today. Without his ingenuity, drive, humor, and professionalism, we'd be like a ship without a rudder, or a sonar without a topside! Cheers to many years of making positive waves in the industry, and all you do for the company, John!


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