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Data analysis and repair services

Geo-Marine Technology, Inc. has analyzed and interpreted over 1 million line kilometers of hydrographic survey data.  By staying on the cutting edge of technological advances, we are able to adapt new and innovative techniques for data reduction, analysis and in-house repair for “problem” or unusual digital datasets.  Our knowledge base includes the following systems, to name a few:

  • 2D and 3D Seismic Arrays
  • Boomers and Sparkers
  • EM Gradiometers
  • Gamma Probes
  • Magnetometers 
  • Ground Penetrating Radar
  • Navigation Systems (GPS)
  • Single Beam Echosounders
  • Side Scan Sonar Systems
  • Multibeam Echosounders
  • Subbottom Profilers
  • Resistivity Probes/Arrays
  • Cone Penetrometers
  • E-BASS


Geo-Marine Technology News


Recent Data Consultation Work

Cook Inlet, Alaska - Cleaned and analyzed bathymetry data for a proposed offshore wellsite location

Antofagasta, Chile - Analyzed magnetometer and subbottom profiler data for a proposed pipeline route near existing infrastructure nearshore Chile

Portsmouth, Virginia - Repaired and analyzed magnetometer data for a debris removal project in the Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway

California - Analyzed subbottom profiler data to quantify depth of burial for several pipelines in the San Francisco Bay Area.

New Zealand - Monitoring Technology, Inc. collected subbottom profiler data from a swamp in New Zealand to locate buried Kauri Trees. New Zealand native Kauri trees (Agathis australis) that fell thousands of years ago are known simply as Ancient Kauri. The trees have been buried and preserved underground in swamps for more than 45,000 years.  By using a subbottom profiler to locate these buried trees, they can then be excavated and marketed for their valuable wood.

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