October 2016
  • Ongoing offshore support is likely to continue into the fall in the Gulf of Mexico, where three of Geo-Marine's finest are utilizing their geo skills to represent a client that has contracted several major survey firms to acquire data along a pipeline pre-installation campaign from Matamoros to Tuxpan, Veracruz, Mexico. Mr. John Reitman, Beau Pallister and Eric Lavering have been in Mexico (nearly) long enough to start applying for citizenship!
  • Geo-Marine's office staff have been diligently preparing to report on the GoM campaign as soon as data acquisition is complete.
  • When not working offshore, GMT's Professional Land Surveyor, Joshua Phillips, has been awash with terrestrial survey work.
  • GMT's EdgeTech 4200 side scan sonar system is temporarily stored in Seattle and ready to roll out on any project that needs one!