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Geo-Marine Technology, Inc. has successfully produced over 1000  hazard analysis and route investigation reports for nearly two hundred  reputable clients in 25 countries. Some of our more frequent clients  include the following, and we invite you to ask any of them about their  experience with us.

























Geo-Marine Technology

Mission Statement

We are high-quality data analysts who combine scientific expertise with state-of-the-art software to efficiently provide solid technical products and services to the offshore energy and telecommunications industries with cooperation, innovation and integrity.

Bon Voyage, Spencer!


Spencer Paddock
In October of 2011, a scruffy Maggot wandered in off the rugby pitch to look over John's shoulder at the kind of work we were doing here at GMT.  Somehow - and it remains mysterious to this day - looking turned to working, and soon we were paying Spencer for his time.  Nearly 5.5 years have come and gone since then, and in that span, Spencer became a valued member of our team, especially with respect to his contributions offshore.  So we're sorry to announce that he is leaving us to pursue new opportunities in Alaska.  Apparently he'd rather be with is his fiancée, Margot, than hang around with us here, and fair enough.  We wish them both every success in their new life, and feel certain Spencer will spread his smile-and-nod across The Last Frontier in no time.  Many thanks for your time and effort with us, Spencer.  We look forward to a time when we might work together again.  Take good care.


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