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Simple, streamlined services for side-scan sonar surveys 

If you're planning a shallow water survey but don't own a side-scan sonar, this may be just what you're looking for.

Geo-Marine Technology can help resolve your survey outfitting needs by offering side-scan sonar packages.  Along with all the necessary kit, these packages will include a geoscientist to:

  • Interface the equipment with your survey setup
  • Operate the equipment during acquisition
  • QA/QC acquired data
  • Process the data onboard the survey vessel
  • Provide preliminary interpretation as needed

Since our geoscientists have intimate knowledge of the systems we will make available, they will also provide immediate technical support as needed, further streamlining your survey operations.

Think of it; a quality system run by an expert technician that is also a GMT-caliber geoscientist.  That all sums to saving time and money on your marine survey projects!  Contact us today for availability.

Turnkey Sonar News

GMT recently purchased an Edgetech 4200 Side-Scan Sonar, which we offer to our clients in tandem with one or two of our geoscientists (depending on project specs) to operate and maintain the sonar system as well as QC and process its acquired data offshore. 

We're very excited about the potential savings this will open up to hydrographic and marine geologic survey companies.  By taking advantage of competitive rates on both quality kit and geoscientists, you can rest assured that the sonar side of your survey will run smoothly and efficiently from mobilization through field processing of the data, and we can personally ensure our equipment will be well maintained, efficient and reliable from one job to the next!

Contact us if you're interested in a simple, reliable and efficient solution to fulfilling your Scope of Work.